Guided by the strategic priorities, the actions to be implemented in 2019 were identified. They focus in the following thematic aspects:

Corporate Governance: Establishment of best practices regarding the governance and transparency in terms of reporting and compliance, including the smooth operation of the Boards of Directors. Within this framework, the following actions are scheduled and concern primarily:

  • Continuation of the evaluation of portfolio’s SOEs’ Boards of Directors (ongoing) applying merit-based criteria within the framework of the current requirements of good corporate governance, meritocracy and accountable management
  • Upgrading of the role of the subsidiaries’ Audit Committee.
  • Strengthening of the operation of the Audit Control Department.
  • Preparation of a corporate governance manual for the subsidiaries’ better operation and management.
  • Training and support of the subsidiaries regarding the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Behavior and the development of a conflict of interest policy. Continuous training through the realization of workshops with contemporary educational resources.

Enhance of value across all fields: Economic, Public, For the citizen

Better and more efficient exploitation of the Public Assets through better resource management and operating expenses rationalization, combined with investments for the enforcement of infrastructure and the improvement of provided to the citizens services.

  • Monitoring through reports of the implementation by the enterprises of the strategic plan’s guidelines and the actions that are anticipated to be realized by their management.
  • Initial implementation of the objective model through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), in the non-listed subsidiaries where HCAP is the sole or majority shareholder, for the measurement of the financial and operational performance improvement, the social value and governance.
  • Update of the business plans, where needed, and evaluation and monitoring by the subsidiaries of critical issues and of opportunities and contemporary trends in the field of public value enhancement, including innovation, synergies between the HCAP’S portfolio companies and strategic cooperation.
  • Support of companies’ restructuring actions that are facing significant financial and operational challenges.
  • Support of the promotion of innovation and new technologies by building up the ability for synergies between the subsidiaries. For this reason, meetings and workshops are scheduled between the subsidiaries for the exchange of know-how and experience and structured actions addressing common problems. Moreover, meetings are scheduled with organizations with scope similar to HCAP for the deepening in management model and public assets’ management in order to create economic and social value.