BoD Member resignation

BoD Member resignation

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The Supervisory Board (SB) received the resignation of Marina Niforos, a member of the Board of Directors, effective 28 February 2022. Ms. Niforos has served as an independent non-executive member for five years participating, in addition, to various committees. First as Chair of the Committee of Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee, then the Corporate Governance Committee and lately the Candidates Committee, while also serving concurrently as a member on the Investment and Risk Committees.

The SB would like to express its gratitude to Ms. Niforos for her extremely valuable contribution during its tenure, in a period when HCAP was establishing itself institutionally and in making a rigorous effort to adopt the best corporate governance practices for itself and its group of subsidiaries.

Ms. Niforos has decided to leave her HCAP Board position for reasons of time commitment due to other personal and professional obligations.

The SB wishes her the very best in her future endeavors.