Growthfund’s moral commitment

Growthfund aims to play an enhanced role in the Greek economy by transforming itself into a public investment fund. This transformation is currently in its final phase, and BlackRock, the largest asset manager globally, has been selected following a Request for Proposals (RfP) as the consultant to implement the transformation plan. BlackRock’s expertise in investment […]


Climate change
Expectations of Subsidiaries

The risks associated with climate change are present whether business leaders have identified them or not.  Companies are increasingly required to report by their investors on the risks posed to their business by climate change and biodiversity loss. But expectations are growing among other stakeholders, including citizens and customers,  that businesses will communicate their plans […]


Growthfund: the train is back on the rails

This has been a particularly fruitful year for Growthfund and its portfolio companies, with effective actions regarding economic and regional development, and most notably the commencement of the procedures for the registration of public assets. The tender process for the concession and development of Kalamata Airport is already underway, the first stage ending in November. […]


Growthfund Conference at the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair – Monday, September 12 2022

For a second year in a row, Growthfund is hosting a conference in the context of the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), aiming to highlight not only its group-wide strategy regarding real estate development, but also its contribution to the country’s economic and regional development through the sectors of Real Estate, Infrastructure and Logistics. In […]

Presentations, Press Releases

Article by the CEO, Gregory D. Dimitriadis, in Kathimerini

The peculiar perceptions that dominated during the crisis forced GROWTHFUND to function more-or-less with a very typical approach in the first years of its establishment. In the sixth year since its establishment, the GROWTHFUND finds itself at a new starting point. Its multi-level operation has two objectives: its greater contribution to the country’s short-term objectives […]


HCAP as an Asset Manager

How does HCAP promote a culture of transparency and a sense of responsibility and duty in its team of technocrats? Transparency is the core governance value in HCAP, and to this end we adopt best international governance, supervision, and transparency practices. Transparency, accountability, and the framework of values defining corporate responsibility are essential obligations for […]

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