Contribution to Development

HCAP’s contribution to the country’s development path is effected:

01 By channeling part of HCAP's profits to investments:
- one part is distributed as a dividend to the Greek State and used by the Greek State for strategic investments and
- the other part is used by HCAP for investments according to article 200 par.2 of Law 4389/2016 and the investment policy of HCAP
Through the implementation of HRADF’s Asset Development Plan, as well as the exploitation ETAD property portfolio
With credibility, professionalism and by promoting optimal alternatives to maximize benefits
03 Through the transformation / restructuring of public enterprises to enhance operational efficiency
Using operational efficiency criteria, optimizing resource use, innovating and improving services provided to citizens
Through strategic alliances, synergies within HCAP structure and, in general, open communication with the investment community and stakeholders
Economies of scale, different tools and funding structures (PPPs), best practices