Candidates Committee

Pursuant to the provisions of article 197 par. 4 law 4389/2016, as amended by law 4512/2018, the Board of Directors of the Company has established a Committee for the Designation of Candidates (for other Subsidiaries), consisting of its members.

The maximum number of members of the Candidate Committee is five and includes the executive members and non-executive members of the Board of Directors with experience in the management of State Owned Enterprises or experience in sectors where the Company has a presence through the other subsidiaries or experience on other matters as deemed necessary, in line with the provisions of the Internal Regulation.

Its objective is to propose to the Board of Directors the nomination of members for appointment to the BoDs of the other subsidiaries wherever this is required. The procedure followed by the Candidate Committee is analyzed in the Internal Regulation.

The term of office of the members of the Candidate Committee is equal to the term of office of the members of the existing Board of Directors, and, if otherwise provided in the Internal Regulation, its provisions will prevail.