George Diamantopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Non- executive Member

Born in 1951, he graduated Deree College and holds the MBA from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He has long and significant experience in top management positions in multinational companies including a four-year tenure as CEO of Jacob Suchard Greece, as well as 17 years as President & CEO of Kraft Foods Greece. In 2010 he founded SponsorValue Hellas a services company that evaluates sponsorships on various business fields. He is a non-executive member of the Βoard of Directors of European Reliance an ASE listed company, , in which he is also the Chairman of the Audit Committee, while he has been a member of the General Council of SEV, the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, CAOBISCO, Association of Chief Executive Officers, Hellenic Management Association, Federation of Advertisers etc.