Growthfund appoints Marios Tempos as the Transitional CEO of Hellenic Post SA.

Growthfund appoints Marios Tempos as the Transitional CEO of Hellenic Post SA.


The Growthfund Board of Directors has appointed Marios Tempos, Growthfund’s Group Procurement and Operations Officer, as the Transitional CEO of the Hellenic Post S.A. Mr. Tempos boasts a wealth of experience in business transformation, operational planning, and sales and has successfully managed complex programs and projects.

Additionally, the Growthfund Board has appointed Ioanna Dounia, a Growthfund Portfolio Manager with two decades of experience in strategy and portfolio management positions, as a Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Post. Ms. Dounia is responsible for overseeing ELTA and GAIAOSE, two companies in the Growthfund portfolio, and also holds a seat on the GAIAOSE Board of Directors.

Their extensive professional experience and high level of expertise in management, auditing, and informed decision-making were crucial factors in their selection.

Vasilis Balourdos, Executive Director of the Hellenic Post, has informed Growthfund that he does not wish to renew his term.

In response, Growthfund has taken immediate steps to investigate recent issues, conduct an audit with the assistance of an external advisor, and ensure the smooth operation of the Hellenic Post and the continued implementation of its transformation plan.

The Transitional Management will receive support from Growthfund in achieving these goals, and the Transitional CEO’s term will last until the selection process for the permanent CEO of Hellenic Post is completed in accordance with Growthfund procedures. The Board of Directors’ evaluation process will also be completed concurrently.

The General Meeting has established the Board of Directors of Hellenic Post with a 90-day term of office, consisting of:

  • Polychronis Griveas, Chairman and Non-Executive Member
  • Marios Tempos, CEO and Executive Member
  • Ioanna Dounia, Non-Executive Member and Growthfund Representative
  • Konstantinos Kesentes, Independent Non-Executive Member
  • Pietro Corpi, Non-Executive Member
  • Konstantinos Lafkas, Independent Non-Executive Member
  • Vasiliki Andreou, Non-Executive Member and Employee Representative
  • Ioannis Moros, Non-Executive Member and Employee Representative

Marios Tempos

Brief CV

Marios Tempos has built a successful career and accumulated numerous years of private sector experience in key positions in business transformation, procurement, and sales. He previously worked at the Olympia Group, where he served as the Business Transformation Leader at Public and Head of Sales Operations. He possesses expertise in operational transformation, business operational planning, and sales, and has a track record of managing complex programs and projects. He holds an Executive MBA from the Athens University of Economics and