Growthfund launches optimal initiatives

Growthfund launches optimal initiatives

The immediate notice of two tenders a key step in the implementation of Growthfund's strategy

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Growthfund is moving forward with the implementation of its Strategic Plan 2022-2024 through the announcement of two significant requests for proposals, with a view to accelerating public asset development and creating equal value for the economy, the citizens and the environment.

The first tender process concerns a pilot project in mapping, segmenting and valuating a sample of five hundred (500) properties of the Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC), in close collaboration between Growthfund and HPPC. The project is aimed at proposing the optimal asset development process.

Based on the technical, legal and commercial maturity per asset, new development approaches will be outlined and showcased as best practices for the entire Growthfund portfolio. Given the portfolio diversity, the pilot project will include 500 HPPC real estate properties, in order to identify the optimal methodology and establish the prioritization criteria regarding the overall asset portfolio. This is a major initiative that will specify the appropriate strategy per property category throughout the Growthfund ecosystem resulting in the creation of a record of assets and the update of the maturation and development procedures.

The second tender process relates to Growthfund’s investor role and the provision of advisory asset management services. The contractor will support Growthfund regarding the development and implementation of its institutional investment programmes for 2022.

This is the first time that Growthfund operates as an investor in Greece. This new aspiration is a key element of its new strategy to transform into the National Investment Fund. The first €10 million to be invested was a result of effective management, ensuring an additional “return” to the Greek economy. In this way, Growthfund is achieving its objective to contribute to the development of Greek entrepreneurship.

More information on the tender procedures in question can be found on the Growthfund website.