HCAP hosts accessibility and inclusion seminar for its subsidiaries

HCAP hosts accessibility and inclusion seminar for its subsidiaries

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On Wednesday, 16 February 2022, HCAP hosted the webinar ‘Accessibility of corporate communication tools’ for the Communication, Sustainability and Marketing personnel of its subsidiaries and holdings.

HCAP’s strategic goal, in the context of which the training seminar was held, is to ensure inclusive design and accessibility – for all persons with disabilities, including persons with visual or hearing impairment – of the services provided by companies in which it participates.

How can visually impaired persons know what is shown in a photograph on social media? How can an advertising spot be made accessible to fellow citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing? What are the technical specifications for rendering a corporate website universally accessible? All of these questions were answered in detail during the seminar by specialised disabled professionals in the sector.

Under the central message “Becoming accessible together, everywhere,” 50 personnel from all the companies in which HCAP is a shareholder attended the seminar, which was held in collaboration with the NGO Me Alla Matia (meaning “with other eyes”, “a different point of view”), which aims to eliminate the under-representation of the disabled and the dimension of disability in public discourse.

The event included presentations of the inclusive approaches and technological tools needed to ensure the accessibility of the communication materials being developed by professionals in the sector. In the context of the interactive nature of the seminar, examples of good and poor communication were presented, in order for participants to understand the inadvertent exclusion of a large number of users/customers by the tools professionals design for the communication of their services. Personnel from AEDIK (Corinth Canal), GAIAOSE, TIF HELEXPO, Hellenic Post, HPPC, EYATH, EYDAP, CMT, CMFO, Athens Public Transport (OASA Group), HRADF, 5G-PHAISTOS and HCAP attended the seminar.

The vision of ensuring that all services provided by companies in which HCAP participates are inclusive and accessible to all citizens is the guide for the implementation of a series of measurable actions with added value for assessing and enhancing universal accessibility. It also aims to change how personnel view and approach these issues in general, through active awareness-raising on the part of the involved parties, on the level of individuals and organizations.

HCAP’s overall strategy for accessible services is being supported by the Hellenic Association for Asperger Syndrome (ELSSA), the NGO Me Alla Matia and the Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (SKEP).