HCAP: Summary report of 2021 activities and actions

HCAP: Summary report of 2021 activities and actions

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HCAP issued a brief presentation – review of its work in 2021. The report includes a complete overview of the Group’s actions and activities. Specifically, it sets out the milestones in the progress made last year by HCAP’s subsidiaries and participations, achieved in collaboration with their Executive Management. This includes the work of each company in 2021 as well as the transition of HCAP’s role to that of an active shareholder.

Last year saw significant achievements, including:

  • PPC completed its share capital increase with the participation of major investors. HCAP participated in PPC ’s Share Capital Increase, giving a vote of confidence to the company’s plan and ensuring that the Greek State maintains a major stake (34.12%).
  • The contract with the Greek State and EYDAP Fixed Assets (Legal Entity under Public Law) for the provision of water supply and sewerage services in the region of Attica for the 20-year period from 2021 to 2040, with the locked price for raw water reduced by 40%.
  • The upgrade projects that EYATH has launched for its water supply system and the doubling of the capacity of the Aliakmonas Water Treatment Plant.
  • Launch of the development of the country’s 23 regional airports, for the first time since they were transferred to HCAP’s portfolio. Development of Kalamata airport started separately; the process of selecting financial, technical and legal advisors was completed, with the launch of the relevant tender slated for the second half of 2022.
  • HRADF achieved faster implementation of landmark concession and development agreements through the appointment of a new Board of Directors. A number of important projects were launched in 2021, including Egnatia, DEPA Infrastructure, Gournes in Heraklion, tender processes for ports and marinas, etc.
  • HPPC’s sale of Skaramangas Shipyard for a final price 21.5% higher than the starting price. The company also proceeded with a full renovation of the facilities of the Parnassos Ski Centre, which is projected to approach pre-pandemic turnover results this year.
  • The completion of the studies for the repair of the Corinth Canal (AEDIK) and the initiation of works in February 2022, with the aim of its first phase of operation starting during the summer. In tandem, HCAP is designing a comprehensive business development plan to transform the Canal into a tourist destination.
  • Reinforcement of logistics infrastructure with the promotion of the Concession Agreement for the “Thriasio Pedio Freight Centre Development” project by GAIAOSE and the launch of procedures to assess the commercial value of 161 select strategic properties.
  • Achievement of a record volume of sales and production by Hellenic Saltworks and promotion of the final stage in the creation of the Afrina product.
  • Over €4 million in CMFO improvement projects at the Nea Michaniona Fish Wharf facilities in Thessaloniki and the ‘e-fruit and vegetable market’ (e-Λαχαναγορά) app, which digitalises commerce, enabling B2B orders.
  • Acceleration of the digital transformation of CMT, with the universal application of an integrated electronic system through RFID technology.
  • Digital transformation of the postal infrastructure and operation of Hellenic Post with a number of interventions, such as the new robotic sorting facility, with 125 robots sorting 7,000 items per hour. These are interventions that consolidate Hellenic Post’s return to profitability.
  • Implementation of emergency measures to improve the transport service provided by Transport for Athens (OASA Group) for the benefit of citizens during the pandemic, and the introduction of new buses – via Leasing – into the OSY fleet.
  • Successful completion of the first Covid-free exhibition at the TIF exhibition centre, as well as hosting of the ‘Beyond 4.0’ innovation and digital technology exhibition.
  • Innovative promotion of 5G services and products in Greece, with PHAISTOS (5G Participations) attracting international and domestic investment interest in participation in the company’s 1st round of financing.
  • The new Sustainable Development strategy, which includes actions and initiatives such as 1. HCAP’s participation in the international network of One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds, 2. Organisation of ESG training for the BoDs of its subsidiaries and participations, 3. institutional anti-corruption cooperation with the National Transparency Authority, 4. the Online Whistleblowing platform, 5. the innovative Open Data Hub, providing access to data of public enterprises.