Our Values

In order for HCAP to achieve its mission and vision,
a framework of principles
and values that govern our daily behavior,
rules and practices is required

Public property is managed and exploited in the public interest, aiming at creating long-term value, increasing revenue for the public sector and providing better services to citizens.

• Technocratic project on many levels and with many fields of expertise.

• Transformation of the public enterprises according to the international standards.

• Promotion of a new single corporate culture and new leadership standards with strong values, common goals and a high sense of responsibility. Employees, groups and companies’ management are of key importance for the achievement of the HCAP’s project (venture, undertaking).

Adoption of open communication, information and consultation with all stakeholders to restore confidence and enhance transparency in the operation and results of HCAP and its subsidiaries, making it equally important to secure funds for investments.