P.R.: HCAP announces its participation to the “Brain Regain” initiative

P.R.: HCAP announces its participation to the “Brain Regain” initiative

Many highly-qualified Greeks left the country over the past years due to the economic crisis and the lack of opportunities to advance their careers at home. This has become one of the great challenges now faced by the Greek economy and society at large.

Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) has recognised the impact of such “brain drain” on the outlook and competitiveness of Greek companies, and has been taking specific action including launching initiatives in order to reverse the brain drain and attract successful Greek professionals back home.

There has been progress to date, including the significant number of professionals returning to Greece to take up executive /managerial positions in HCAP, and also, through the appointment of board members to HCAP subsidiaries. Such professionals were actively approached and assured that progress, high level professionalism and fairness exist in Greece and that their return can contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

To this end, HCAP has also now joined an alliance of companies supporting the “Brain Regain” initiative. This initiative is backed by some of the largest Greek corporations active in critical sectors of the economy i.e. financial services, industry, tourism, construction, technology etc. and aims to establish conditions that will facilitate the repatriation of Greeks working abroad. HCAP actively supports this initiative, by allocating some of its top executives to act as mentors. “Brain Regain” mentors offer their services on a voluntary basis and will provide guidance to the Greeks working abroad who have expressed interest in being part of the initiative.

In this context, Ms. Ekaterinari, CEO of HCAP stated: “Many highly-qualified Greeks have left -and continue leaving- the country. Returning back home may always be at the back of their minds; however, in order to make this happen, first they must be convinced that they can return to a modern economy offering opportunities and career progression, a dynamic, diverse and fair workplace which rewards those who work hard and want to succeed. At HCAP, based on our values and our agility as a modern and dynamic corporation, we focus on attracting those highly qualified Greeks currently working abroad so that HCAP and its portfolio companies can benefit from their knowledge and experience, as well as to further promote transparency, meritocracy, performance improvement and growth for the state owned enterprises.”