P.R. : The new Board of Directors of Hellenic Post S.A. (“ELTA”)

P.R. : The new Board of Directors of Hellenic Post S.A. (“ELTA”)


The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. (“HCAP”) announces the appointment of the new Board of Directors of Hellenic Post S.A. (“ELTA”), which will be in office on Thursday, 30 August 2018.

The Board of Directors of HCAP, majority shareholder of ELTA, acting within its responsibilities and according to the procedure established in article 197 para. 4 Law 4389/2016, has evaluated and selected executives with considerable experience and knowledge of the service industries, to implement the strategic objectives, tackle the local and international challenges faced by ELTA and build on the 190 years of heritage and contribution to the general public and the country.

Taking into consideration the above, the Board of Directors of HCAP unanimously decided the appointment of the following members to the Board of Directors of ELTA:

1. Polychronis Griveas, Chairman of the Board

2. Elias Athanassiou, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member

3. Yannis Filos, Non-Executive Member

4. Konstantinos Lafkas, Non-Executive Member

5. Kyriakos Xydis, Non-Executive Member

The current Board of Directors comprises eight members. The remaining members are the Employees’ Representatives Mr Elias Bakellas and Mr Konstantinos Pallas (Non-Executive Members), as well as Mr Gerasimos Olympitis (Non-Executive Member) who has been selected by the Minister of Finance in accordance with Article 197 para. 4 of Law 4389/2016.

The Board of Directors of HCAP welcomes the new team of the Board of Directors of ELTA and wishes them every success in their duties as well as in the pursuit of the strategic objectives of the company.

In this regard, the new Board of Directors will prepare the appropriate framework for implementing the Business Plan of ELTA, focusing in particular on the sustainability of the company in order for ELTA to remain a strong and competitive Group.

See the Appendix A’ with the short CVs of the members.