PR: 2nd Business meeting between HCAP and its portfolio of companies

PR: 2nd Business meeting between HCAP and its portfolio of companies

On Friday, February 8th, the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) organized the second business meeting at HELEXPO premises in Maroussi, with the participation of the companies belonging in its portfolio and their top management representatives.  The event was of great interest, continuing the round of meetings that started in September 2018 on the sidelines of the 83rd TIF.

Among the workshop’s participants were PPC, EYATH, EYDAP, AIA, ETAD, AEDIK, GAIAOSE, TIF HELEXPO, ELTA, Hellenic Saltworks, OKAA and OASA.

The focus of the agenda included two major parts that are of particular importance to HCAP,  with the first part focusing on synergies between subsidiaries in line with the current  institutional and regulatory framework, and the second part on the strategy and actions related to the emerging technologies and digital convergence.

In the first part of the meeting, HCAP’s Management referred to the importance of synergies, as a mean to establish cooperation and trust among subsidiaries; with synergies, companies can better adopt the new trends and utilize their comparative advantages, in line with a  common strategy for serving public interest, leading to tangible results not only for the  companies but also for the citizens.

Subsequently, companies’ management presented their ideas and suggestions for synergies.   The active participation of the companies sent very hopeful messages in areas such as improvement of services and of “Citizen’s experience”. Indicative examples are the usage of large network stores for customer communication, the transformation of existing shops to ‘one-stop shops’, the provision of bundled products, the implementation of smart mail boxes etc.

Another area of interest was the improvement of the environmental footprint through joint actions focusing on the Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the energy upgrading of buildings and infrastructures and other energy efficiency services, the raise of awareness for the consumption of tap water, reduction of water losses, etc.

Real estate management was also an important pillar, including synergies for better addressing housing needs. Indicative proposals are the creation of a single digital GIS environment, the usage or exploitation of real estate property not currently in use by other subsidiaries, including support from ETAD for real estate issues and e-auctions.

Special attention was also given to joint actions for R&D, as well as potential for synergies with Greek academic and research institutions.

The participants from the companies had the opportunity to further discuss and select the best ideas for implementation via electronic voting.

The second part of the workshop focused on technology and innovation. HCAP presented the mega trends of technology and explained how the digital transformation affects the operating  model of the respective sectors of HCAP’s portfolio. HCAP further elaborated on successful case studies from companies and similar sectors around the globe which achieved to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve customer experience. Big-Data, Internet of Things,  Artificial Intelligence, Smart Metering & Sensors, Data Analytics, Mobile Apps, Business  Applications are just some of the technologies that attract the focus of international interest.

Afterwards, the companies presented key technology and innovation solutions that have been implemented and new initiatives regarding both operational and back-office systems.

Indicatively mentioned, e-ticket, bus telematics, mobile apps for citizens such as in OASA, e services like e-bill of PPC, electric-mobility, wireless water smart sensors, unification of GIS systems, preventive observation of Corinth canal with drone and controlled landslide with airjackets, new implementations of technology infrastructure and upgrade of existing, ERPs, e-auction, e-procurement, data analytics, BI-tools, e-learning, etc.

Following the companies’ speeches, HCAP presented the European Commission’s report for 2018 concerning the digital economy and society index (DESI), with a focus on Greece position towards digital convergence.

In conclusion, digital services, business process automation, digitization of business processes, system integration and security, development of employees’ digital skills and utilization of European funds, will be the main pillars that companies will need to incorporate into their Digital Strategy.

At the end of the workshops, participants agreed to plan immediate actions and going-ahead with high priority projects, while HCAP management committed to support them in order to develop an integrated digital strategy with clear roadmap, priorities, quick wins and milestones.