Sole Shareholder Message

The supreme body of the Company is the
General Assembly of the sole shareholder,
namely the Greek State,
as represented by the
Minister of Finance.

“The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. is one of the most complex reforms in recent years concerning the concentration, the unified management and the transparent exploitation of a substantial part of the assets of the Greek State.

The purpose of creating HCAP is not only to ensure better and sound management of public property but also to lay the foundations for overcoming shortcomings and problems over decades related to public ownership and public enterprise.

In this context, HCAP is invited to make available to the public interest, knowledge and tools that increase the value and improve the efficiency of its subsidiaries in a substantial and tangible way:

► by ensuring the economic viability of public enterprises, transparency and social accountability in their management,

► by improving the services and goods they provide in terms of quality, affordability, accessibility, service and social cohesion of the country,

► through the contribution of infrastructure, networks and other real estate managed by HCAP to the economic growth, the innovation and the transition to a new sustainable model of equitable growth, and

► through the establishment of a stable institutional framework that will be positively built on the consciousness of the society as a whole and which will promote consultation with stakeholders.

In order to achieve these goals, HCAP is invited, within a short time, to understand and address complex issues related to the public economy, its relation to the private economy, the opportunities and the constraints arising from a dynamic international environment with sustained challenges. Moreover, as the management of public assets is organically linked to the implementation of the country’s public policy, HCAP’s cooperation with the responsible for its development is also required. ”