Strategic Plan 2022-2024

The Strategic Plan of Growthfund is the reference point of the strategic approach, the targets and the priorities of Growthfund. It was prepared, by taking into account the strategic guidelines that the Company received from the Ministry of Finance as representative of the sole shareholder.

The Growthfund Strategic Plan 2022-2024 aims at achieving a positive impact on three main focus areas: the economy, the environment, the citizens. 

Growthfund – The National Fund of Greece

The new Strategic Plan aims to upgrade and expand the operational capabilities of the company, not only as an active shareholder but also as a responsible investor.

Growthfund’s main priority is the transformation of its portfolio companies with a view to upgrading their governance model. It takes on an active role as an asset manager aiming to boost sustainability and also to create and provide improved services to the citizens/ consumers. At the same time, Growthfund reinforces its investment role by channelling its resources towards development initiatives and by reinvesting in the Greek economy.

The new Strategic Plan looks forward to the enhancement of public value for Growthfund’s sole shareholder which is the Greek state; namely the Greek citizens.