Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of HCAP is the reference point of the strategic approach, the targets and the priorities of HCAP. It was prepared, by taking into account the strategic guidelines that the Company received from the Ministry of Finance as representative of the sole shareholder, and was published in April of 2018.

The Strategic Plan is presenting the actual status of the enterprises of HCAP’s portfolio, the market environment that they are operating and the short and medium term opportunities and challenges that they are facing. It sets the basis for the public sector enterprises to become competitive in the sector they are operating and to act as a driver for the transformation of the economy.

The Strategic Plan is the guide for the updating of the public sector enterprises’ business plans under the responsibility of their management. The updated business plans are the basis according to which the management’s targets are set, as well as medium term quantitative and qualitative performance indicators. By this way, a more effective performance monitoring is achieved regarding the financial results, the operating efficiency, the quality of the provided services and the corporate governance.

The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations has prepared this Strategic Plan according to the modern and best practices of management and exploitation in order for the portfolio’s enterprises – with the effort, cooperation and targeting of the enterprises’ management and employees – to offer in the future benefits in an essential and tangible manner:


The Strategic Plan places emphasis on the principles of good corporate governance and compliance in order to ensure maximum transparency and accountability.