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Growthfund launches optimal initiatives

Growthfund is moving forward with the implementation of its Strategic Plan 2022-2024 through the announcement of two significant requests for proposals, with a view to accelerating public asset development and creating equal value for the economy, the citizens and the environment. The first tender process concerns a pilot project in mapping, segmenting and valuating a […]

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Appointment of new BoD member

The Supervisory Board (SB) during its meeting held on July 22 2022, unanimously decided to elect Ms. Dina Lazari as a new independent, non-executive member to the Board of Directors of Growthfund (HCAP). Ms. Lazari replaces Ms. Hiro Athanassiou, whose term of office expired on 8 April 2022. The term of the newly appointed member […]


BoD Member resignation

The Supervisory Board (SB) received the resignation of Giovanna Kampouri, a member of the Board of Directors, effective 30 June 2022. Ms. Kampouri has served as an independent non-executive member since 16 February 2021 being the Chair of the Committee of Corporate Governance during the same period. Ms. Kampouri has decided to leave her Growthfund […]


Article by the CEO, Gregory D. Dimitriadis, in Kathimerini

The peculiar perceptions that dominated during the crisis forced GROWTHFUND to function more-or-less with a very typical approach in the first years of its establishment. In the sixth year since its establishment, the GROWTHFUND finds itself at a new starting point. Its multi-level operation has two objectives: its greater contribution to the country’s short-term objectives […]


GROWTHFUND: The key axes of the new Strategic Plan 2022-2024

GROWTHFUND’s strategic plan –reflecting its commitment to Sustainable Development and ESG criteria– was presented today by the Fund’s management during a press conference, under the title ‘creating GROWTHvalue for the Economy, the Environment and the Citizens’. As GROWTHFUND’s CEO Gregory D. Dimitriadis stressed, “Our mission is to create value and prosperity, achieving long-term returns, building […]

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